Crazy Things That Happen in the World of Football… Odds for that?

Let’s use an example of the 2022 FIFA World Cup going on in Qatar. Several bookies have special betting markets with some pretty unusual offerings, like ‘this and that player to score at both their games before the second half’.

If a bookie had the idea for this selection, would you bet on it?

Group F will be the only one with 2 teams in the quarter-finals and none of these will be Belgium

What odds would this one get? Would you bet on it?


But it happened before…

The Only Team that Didn’t lose in the 2010 World Cup

What team didn’t lose one single game in the 2010 World Cup? The Champions Spain? No! They lost their first game against Switzerland.

New Zealand! Yes, that’s the answer, the New Zealand team failed to progress to the knockout stage because they had 3 draws in 3 games.

But the Champions Spain lost their first game.

What were the odds available at the time? Unthinkable! Not even the same bookies that release crazy odds in the house of thousands to one could predict this one…

Speaking of Big Odds… Leicester in 2016!

Ranieri’s Leicester was pretty infamous for their catenaccio-like tactics. But it allowed them to bring the trophy home.

His style was almost a joke in his native Italy. Good-humoured Italians even travelled to the UK to see Leicester becoming the English Premier League Champion because truth be told, he wasn’t a very successful manager in his home country before that historic title.

On that occasion, by the way, the bookies released odds for every team in the EPL to win the trophy. Because it would be kind of offensive not to do so.

The odds for Leicester to win were on average 5000 to 1!

Yes, a small €10 bet could have brought home €50,000.00 as a betting prize.


The world of betting is very crazy sometimes. Sometimes so crazy that bookies don’t even anticipate the events to sell odds.

That piece of information is interesting in itself, and in a way, the reason why there are professional gamblers out there in the first place.

Betting syndicates make millions of Euros every week by chasing value, which is abundant in the betting markets if you know what you are doing when chasing it.

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